How to clip your dog's nails 

We have had calls about your pets’ nails and how to clip them at home whilst we are unable to offer this service at the practice so Heather has made a short video to show you how. 
She’s using dog nail clippers which we can order for you if you don’t have any but you could use human nail clippers to take the tips off your cat’s claws if they are starting to get snagged in your carpets or on your clothes. 

Top tips:
#1 try to find one light coloured nail and see where the pink ‘quick’ is as that is the part that will bleed if caught and be sore. Use this one as a guide for the length of the other darker nails
#2 don’t take too much off. Better to do them more regularly than to make them sore and put them (&you) off doing them in future
#3 pinch the nail in the clippers before you actually squeeze them shut. If they don’t like it you may be too close to the quick so reposition the clippers lower down. 
#4 Extra road walks will help wear nails down and a metal nail file or even a dremmel can be used safely if your dog doesn’t like the snipping noise.

With thanks to Alfie for being such a brave volunteer

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