Lost and Found Pet Advice 

What to do if you have lost or found a pet


Lost Pets:

  • Have a good look around the house & garden if you are at home & alert your neighbours
  • If you are out & about, inform any other dog walkers you meet & leave something with your scent on at the spot you last saw your dog as they often return to that spot.
  • Call all your local vets, not just your own vet. Greensands vets 01908 282101. Find other practices on www.any-uk-vet.co.uk or we can pass these details on to you.
  • If your pet has a microchip call Petlog on 0844 4633999 24/7 365 days a year. They will then flag them up as lost and contact you if anyone reports them as found anywhere in the UK.
  • Call or email local charities:
  • RSPCA national 0300 1234 999                                  
  • RSPCA Milton Keynes 01908 611179 Mon –Fri 9am-5pm or email branch@mkrspca.org.uk. You can upload your pet’s photo on their website or facebook page.
  • Cats Protection national 03000 121212
  • CP Milton Keynes 01908 318810 or download the”lost” form on their website www.mkcats.org.uk and email it to lostandfound@mkcats.org.uk. They keep a lost & found register so please use their form to contact them.
  • HULA in Aspley Guise 01908 584000 or email hularescue@tiscali.co.uk
  • If your pet in insured, call your insurer as they may be able to help with posters and even supply a reward
  • Two other fantastic sources of information, tips and support are www.doglost.co.uk and www.catchat.org.
  • Put up posters everywhere you can
  • Post a picture & some details on Facebook and ask everyone to share them. Include Spotted:Woburn Sands amongst your friends.
  • If your pet has been missing for some time, you may wish to contact your local council Environmental Health as they do not routinely check pets killed on the roads for microchips so sadly they won’t call you even if your pet is chipped. They do however keep a description of those that are found so you can see if any match your pet. We believe this varies with different councils, but we all hope it will change, especially when the new microchipping legislation comes into place in April 2016.
  • Don’t give up hope though- pets often turn up weeks or even months later


Found pets:

  • Check the collar for a name tag or name written on the inside
  • If possible, take the pet to the nearest Vets to get it scanned for a microchip. If there is one, the vets will contact Petlog and then try to get in touch with the owners
  • For stray dogs, the local dog warden is responsible for collecting them and we can give you their number depending on the postcode the pet is found in.
  • For stray cats, call the Cats Protection, HULA and RSPCA numbers listed above to see if they have any space in their shelters
  • Use Facebook, posters and word of mouth to spread the word
  • Download a paper cat collar from the RSPCA website & send the cat back out wearing it, so if they are owned, their owners can get in touch
  • If you can’t safely catch them, try to contain them in your garden (dogs) whilst you contact the Dog Warden. If cats can’t be caught, the Cats Protection offer a trapping scheme, to allow them to be captured safely then checked over by a vet & neutered if not already done. Try to provide some kind of shelter. This can be a simple cardboard box covered with a bin bag to make it waterproof .




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