Pet Passports after January 1st 2021 

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All of our vets are recognised Official Veterinarians who can issue and complete your pet passports. We can also offer advice about travel and parasite control whilst you're away to ensure your pet stays safe and well. We have received updated information about the Pet Passport scheme that will affect many of our clients.

It has now been confirmed that the pet passport scheme will all change after 1st January 2021. The UK will then be classified as a listed third country Part 2 and in order to travel to Europe your pet will require an Animal Health Certificate to be issued before EVERY trip to Europe. UK Pet Passports will no longer be valid. Passports issued in other European countries will remain valid.

In order for an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) to be issued your pet will need to be microchipped and a rabies vaccination given, for this they must be 12 weeks of age or above.  There will then be a wait period of at least 21 days. Blood tests will not be required for European travel.  We believe that they will still need to see a vet abroad for tapeworm treatment and have their AHC stamped between 1 and 5 days before your return to the UK.

Each AHC will be valid for a single trip to Europe, lasting up to 4 months. 

We suggest booking an appointment with a vet in the New Year to discuss this if you think it may affect you.

The best place for up to date travel information is the government website but we will endeavour to keep our website up to date as we hear more news.

Travel outside of Europe will require a different regime and we recommend using a specialist pet travel company such as

Regardless of the legislation, we do still recommend tick treatment and heartworm and sandfly treatments especially in more southern parts of Europe as these parasites can transmit some serious and life-threatening diseases.

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