Avian Flu 2017 Important advice for anyone with poultry 

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Bird Flu means all poultry must be housed indoors until February 28th 2017

Bird flu has been confirmed in the UK so Defra requires all poultry to be housed indoors to ensure wild birds cannot gain access and risk spreading the disease. Risks to human health are minimal but if a flock is found to have the virus, they will be culled so it is crucial to follow the advice.

For up to date advice, follow the link below


How to keep your chickens from being bored whilst you've got to keep them inside.

These are a few suggestions we've come across to enrich their environment as hens are bright creatures & require a lot of mental stimulation.

A cabbage or head of broccoli hung up to peck at
A tray of sand to kick around in
Raised platforms e.g. stools, chairs, bales of hay or old tyres
a pile of hay or bag of leaves to root around in from grubs. Even better, you can sprinkle mealworm in amongst it for them to find
Stuff a Kong dog toy with raw veggies
Hang up old CDs or coloured balls or even just string
Play a radio for them
Extra human company will really help too!

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