Pre-op instructions for pets undergoing sedation or general anaesthesia 

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What to do if your dog or cat is coming in for an operation

  • We usually ask you to starve them from midnight the night before
  • They can have water available all night
  • Cats should stay indoors to ensure they don't go hunting or eat food at a neighbour's
  • Dogs should be taken for a short walk in the morning to stretch their legs and have a wee
  • We will have booked you an appointment with a vet or nurse between 8-10am. They will go through a consent form with you to ensure everything is clear and to ensure we have the best contact numbers to ring you on as soon as your pet is in recovery.
  • We encourage you to bring in blankets and toys to help them relax


For rabbits, guinea pigs & other small furries

  • There is no need to starve them at all, in fact it is important they keep eating right up until the anaesthetic and then as soon as possible afterwards
  • Bring their usual food & bowls/water bottles to encourage them to eat here
  • Some tasty treats such as veggies, fruit and herbs will help 
  • It often helps to bring their buddy in, even if only one of them is having a procedure. It means they don't arrive home smelling of 'vets' and upsetting their housemate
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