Post-op home care for your pet 

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It is really important that your pet doesn't interfere with any surgical wounds. In the past this generally meant wearing a plastic Elizabethan collar or 'cone of shame'. Not any more! Whilst these come as standard with every surgical procedure, we have several great alternatives that your pet will love (and so will your furniture & your legs!).

The medical pet T shirt comes in sizes to fit most dogs, cats and bunnies and is well tolerated by most. We also have inflatable collars that fit snugly round the neck and prevent all but the most flexible patient from being able to lick their wound.

They will usually need to wear these for 7-10 days, until they have had their 2nd post-op check and their stitches removed (although we routinely use internal dissolving sutures for many ops, meaning no external stitches for them to tug at).

We will always discuss these different options with you when we admit your pet and you will be issued with a detailed set of post-operative instructions in writing so that you don't need to memorise everything the nurse tells you when they are discharging your pet!

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